A few months down the line.....

Hi all

It has been awhile to say the least *hangs head in shame*

This year.....hasn't been the greatest so far. Personal circumstances have changed as has the family dynamic or family fullstop. Onwards and upwards right?

So what have I been up to?
Well, I got the opportunity earlier on to go to the London Book Fair which was fantastic. Got to meet lots of people from the publishing world and put faces to names.
I also have managed to do several author events through work and meet some fantastic authors, who have been so kind as to give me advise on everything from writing to publishing
I also had the privalidge to meet a very high up Ex from Hachette who was an absolute diamond and was so down to earth! She also invited me to spend the day down in London at Hachette so I could see how it works that end (which I have yet to organise eeek)

So life has been busy with car crashes, moving houses and the dramas of life

Hoping it calms down alittle (famous last words)

I will hopfully be back to reviewing very soon. I have read a couple of books inbetween all this stuff and should get chance to review soon

In the mean time, Happy Reading :)