A Deadly Thaw Blog Tour

Hi all

I have very kindly been invited in taking part in Sarah Ward's blog tour for Deadly Thaw: the paperback. Sophie Portas needs a mention for sending me the paperback so thank you very much :)

The back reads: 

When Detective Constable Connie Childs and her colleagues are summoned to Hale's End Mortuary on a cold spring morning in 2016, they're prepared for a surprise: a fresh corpse in a morgue closed for fifty years.

What Connie and her boss aren't expecting is whose body it is; Andrew Fisher, murdered by his wife in 2004 by asphyxiation.

How can a man be murdered twice? And if Lena Fisher didn't suffocate her husband twelve years ago, who did Lena kill and why did she lie?

I do love my crime novels (they rival my love for fantasy novels at the moment) and I do love a book that keeps me guessing. This did that in great form. The story was brilliantly planned out and twisted and turned in a way that kept me guessing
The places that are mentioned are described brilliantly. Hale's End is chilling just reading it *shivers*
As fot the chracters, again brilliantly described and very relatable. In the end, I didn't like Palmer but thats just my view 
All in a great read and I can't wait for the next instalment 😊

About the author... 
Sarah Ward is a local lady to me and is a warm, wonderful, kind person. She always has time for my many many questions about books and being a published author

So pop along to your local indie bookshop and order it in. The Bakewell Bookshop has it in stock from now so please pop down for a copy

Sarah Ward is also on twitter: Sarah Ward Twitter

Happy Reading 😊F