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Just this second finished another book. At my work (The Bakewell Bookshop) the lovely Anne Goodwin came a visited us and very kindly signed a copy of her book for me.
Her book is......

The story is about Diana, who goes through a life changing process at the age of fifteen, and then spends the next 30 years hiding it from her friends with no problems.....until Simon appears. Then everything she has kept hidden bubbles to the surface and makes her question everything. And Cairo is central to it all...

The book is an LGBT novel and is brilliantly written. The thought process is described fantastically, making you feel like Diana is. The story is easy to read and does jump back and forward in time but in a way that is easy to understand.

How the story develops is amazing too. It kept me guessing and until the big reveal, I thought something else was going to happen in the end but obviously not!

All in all a brilliant read!!
For those local to me, you can get it at The Bakewell  Bookshop but I have added the link on for those not:

Sugar and Snails

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